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Hi there,

Ok, the first thing that you should know about me is that …

I’m a real person!

I’m not an internet-marketer trying to hustle money, or some quack ‘professional’ giving a bunch of theoretical advice. I am a regular guy, and I am sharing what worked for me and those that I have advised. I am in my 30s, I run a business – but all that matters here is that I have personally experienced – and recovered from – sexual dysfunction.

I know your frustration!

I experienced premature ejaculation when I was younger and managed to not only recover, but become great in bed! And then later in life … erectile dysfunction (or, impotence) hit! I wanted the situation fixed ASAP! I am a social, confident person who enjoys women, dating and sex – and suddenly, one night …

I wasn’t able to get hard with a girl!

The problem persisted for about 5 months, before I eventually thought to combine the things that had helped me recover all those years ago, with some new found discoveries … and voila – within a couple of months I could have sex again. And by tweaking the program a little more, I came back better than ever! Raging libido, rock hard erections and total timing control. I told a few people of the things that I was doing, and they had the same result.

One in three men experience sexual dysfunction!

There is no wonder that people are cashing in on ‘cures’. However the issue that I found – is that not a lot of it works. Not a lot of it seems to come from real life experience. It is more people theorising on what should work, or people giving really obvious advise like “Stop smoking and lose weight”. I tried EVERYTHING, and it’s the things that worked for me personally, and those around me, that I detail in this book.

I know that this book will change your sexual life forever. All that is required from you is commitment! With my money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose.

To your sexual success,


Real Testimonial

“I felt a difference in a couple of weeks, but the longer you do it the better the results. Stronger hard ons especially in the morning and much better libido. I didn't date much for the last couple of years because of limp dick, but I'm way more confident now.”

60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

If you’re not satisfied that you’ve made great improvement with the Get Better Erections System within 60 days, simply email me (you will get my personal email in the book) with ‘Refund’ as the subject line, and I will refund you with no questions asked, and still get to keep the book.